Hosted by a team consisting of indie film-makers and rabid cineophiles, shows will provides tips from the indie film industry, film news, reviews,movie prop and commentary with a fun and sarcastic edge. The duo delve into any entertainment-related news and will sometimes have guest on the show from the film making industry. With intimate knowledge of everything film and direct knowledge of the indie film industry process from pre-production to post production and distribution, the hope is to make the shows not only incredibly fun to listen to, but at times educational as well. We have a blast talking about movies.


The Movie Chasm, Founders Jason Delgado Producer of indie horror comedy Easter Sunday, Co owner of Northgate Pictures, LLC and also the man underneath The Bunnyman antagonist of the film and Dan Fiehtner Actor, Sound Engineer, Producer, Director of documentary films and founder of DocuLife.US and Fade In - Fade Out Productions, LLC; explore the many facets of films. They are passionate filmmakers who bring their own spin on the entertainment culture and the indie film industry.