Welcome to the land of all things creative . . . . Anthony Brownlee here, just another forever dreamer living amongst the masses. My concept of being forever a dreamer doesn’t mean all I want to do is dream forever, it means to keep dreaming, once you achieve one dream move on to the next, then another and then another, always go higher than the one before. Since I was a kid I’ve always been a lover of the arts; drawing, acting and most of all writing, writing is the biggest passion I own. As of 2017 I have published five novels, mostly horror, currently working on releasing my sixth and working on my seventh, a drama called “Walking With the Dandelions”. This is my second drama story and I’m finding they are just as thrilling when I’m writing my horror novels.

Horror has always been my passion, since the age of five when I saw the film “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, that filmed changed my life; the innovation that Wes Craven brought to the big screen has stayed with me for so many years that I am constantly chasing it. Whenever I write, I’m seeking to reach that high I felt when I saw that film for the first time to try and capture the essence and put my own spin on it and captive a reader the way I was captivated. Wes Craven has been an immense mentor to me; though I never got to meet him, I looked up to him so much and to this day I’ve always been curious of what made his brain tick and how he got his ideas. Most of my novels come from life, stories I’ve seen in the media, from others who have shared with me, keeping an open ear to life and my own personal stories and from my young years of being bullied and being an outcast and taking lots of strides alone I realized I had a lot to tell and wanted to convey to this world. I’ve always been a kid at heart and have tried to be the best person I can be, though it was rough for me in my younger years; I learned how to stride with people when I discovered the land of Horror Conventions. These conventions had a great impact on me, to find people who had the same mentality as me when it comes to things unconventional was like finding buried treasure. Being 2017 I’m going into ten years of going to cons and the ride has been amazing, having learned so much and met people I probably would not have met otherwise making more friends than I ever thought I’d ever have. A lot of these people have inspired me, they’ve helped me and they’ve grown with me and that experience is a large portion of my story as it is told in real time and never ends.

My goal is to get these novels out there, ultimately getting them turned into film, as film was my best friend for long time. Not just for friends and family or even domestically, but universally, I want to share all that I am with the world to inspire people to never give up, to always believe in themselves and know that what dreams they’ve dreamt for themselves are valid and that they matter. I want to show that the horror genre is more than just a body count and some guy running around in a mask hacking up virgins because it’s so much more. Horror is the epitome of “what if” so much of horror is people know is fake and couldn’t happen in real life, but to have that notion of “what if” lingering in the back of your mind, every time you close your eyes, every time you step outside your house at night and when things randomly go bump in the night, “what if”. The genre, in my opinion, is about survival, good vs. evil, conquering your

fears, finding the light in the darkness; that’s my ideal of horror, representing what is innate in all of us humans and that’s the basic story of life and death and finding yourself through the trials and tribulations. So . . . . be a Forever Dreamer.

Anthony Brownlee

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