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Born in the deepest bowels of Portage County, The Deadheaddaddy's developing mind was warped at the tender age for 5. Images of summer camp slashers and demon possessed little girls began a life long journey of the macabre and the maniacal. This path was only solidified in his formative years, under the tutelage of Cleveland's late night horror host masters. Yet this was only the beginning...

While exploring an abandoned house, rumored to be an asylum decades before, Deadheaddaddy found a staff in a dark basement corner. Allowing his morbid curiosity to get the better of him, he grabbed the staff in his hand and was instantly transformed into one of the undead. Revealed to him in a gruesome nightmare, Deadheaddaddy discovered he now possessed the power of "The Cursed Cantilever of The Cuyahoga." Or better yet, that power possessed him. 
Although he was now cursed to spend his days as a frightening ghoul, he also found he had terrifying supernatural powers such as enhanced strength, mind control, and invisibility. The Cantilever itself could also emit blasts of eerie energy and shroud Deadheaddaddy in darkness for protection. But there was even more to the curse. Now, that the two have bonded ghoul and staff can never leave each others presence, without Deadheaddaddy rotting away. Also, Fear is the source of all these powers. To keep the Dark forces at bay in his soul, Deadheaddaddy has taken the role as a horror podcast host, feeding of the fear the stems from the things he reviews.