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Crystal M. Allwine
Co owner of Epic Expression
Born April 1985 in Dover DE and raised in Woodbridge VA.

I was born on Dover Air Force Base and moved to VA when I was 2. Grew up with my younger brother and parents. My father is an artist/computer animator. I always wanted to be an artist like him. The different mediums and colors always fascinated me. My father was a huge Frank Frazetta fan and until this day will always be my favorite artist. That might explain my love of gore and dark art styles.

I had a plan to go into the Air Force after graduation but Life had different plans for me as I was pregnant. I moved out of my parents home and quickly found a job at a bank to support my daughter and I. After my daughter was born I decided to move back in with my parents so I could go back to school for a fine arts degree. During this time my mother was diagnosed with cancer and became very ill. She was unable to watch my daughter during my night classes so after 2 semesters I did not return. I moved back out with my daughter and got a job with a financial company and bartender on the weekends.

A few years later I met my now husband Andrew at the restaurant I was working part time. We did not get along at first but he soon became my best friend. We married in June 2009 and my mother passed away in November.

After a few years of grief and frustration it was Andrew that told me I need to be doing artwork. I started painting again and after the birth of our daughter and son it was hard to find the time. One day at Michaels I decided to buy face paints. I'm not exactly sure why. It was probably because the kids were annoyed and I wanted to get something to show them we can do this together at home. The kids LOVED getting their faces painted and it was a lot of fun for me also. I was still painting just a different canvas. I started painting at my friends kids birthday parties and school events. One day I asked my best friend Katie to help me at an event and it went so smooth. Katie and I decided this was fun and the kids faces when they look in the mirror are priceless. We decided to start our own business. With the help of our husbands we started Epic Expression. While researching face paint I stumbled upon FX makeup!! This fascinated me and was a break from the rainbows and tiaras on children. I began to dig into this world and taught myself as much as I could (and still am)

After showing my work I began to have adults contact me. I realized that yes I am a good face painter but it would also be nice to do beauty makeup and hair as well. Why not be the whole package?? I also have been doing FX makeup on Indie horror films and would like to be a well rounded makeup artist.

So with the help and support of my husband I quit my job in the financial office (after 9 long years) and I'm chasing my dreams. Currently attending Paul Mitchell for my cosmetology license. I have a goal and a dream and I intend to follow it 100%. I think when you lose a parent at a young age you are scared history might repeat itself. Life is too short for my children to see me unhappy. I refuse to stop here! But I'm going to stop my bio here because it's getting a little too long! Lol