Kyle “Krimson Rogue” Martin first started his Internet review show, The Book Was Better, back in July 2013.  As an avid book lover, Krimson encourages reading, creative arts, and generally being weird.  His show reviews movies based on books and often makes the claim that the book told a better story.  An author himself, Krimson often uses the movies he reviews to point out different writing techniques or make suggestions to improve character or plot mistakes.

 When he originally designed the show, Krimson wanted to review books, but realized that without a routine visual component, wouldn’t be able to compete with other larger Youtube reviewers.  As such, he decided to review movies based on books so that he could both review books and keep fans properly entertained.  The show has recently celebrated its third anniversary and has now picked up several thousand subscribers on Youtube.  Krimson also has a continuing storyline playing at the beginning and end of multiple episodes, depicting a world of magic and demons hidden within our own.

 Since The Book Was Better first premiered, Krimson has expanded with several other shows, including Rogue Reviews, which looks at movies coming out in theatres, From Krimson’s Library, which are book reviews from Krimson’s personal collection, Uncovered Gems, which are enjoyable movies many people may not have heard of, and most recently, NPC’s Kitchen, which is an experimental attempt at a cooking show.  Krimson is always looking for a new outlet for his many (sometimes questionable) ideas, and his channel has become the perfect venue to experiment within.

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 SladeShadow, who also goes by Slade, is the heart of The Book Was Better’s business model.  She first joined The Book Was Better in The Three Musketeers, playing a bit part as a vapid cheerleader.  Since then, she expanded her contributions to the show by taking on multiple differing tasks, depending on what’s needed.  She started by working on makeup and practical effects, but soon moved on to casting agent, bringing in new talent to the show, safety manager, script consultant, camerawoman, and many other roles.  In many ways, she has made herself the assistant to the show’s front runner, Krimson Rogue.  For simplicity’s sake, she’s usually referred to as the production assistant.

Slade continues to work to improve the show, practicing her own makeup and directorial skills, which help build the show’s production, scope and audience.

Will Keena was originally cast as an extra in the summer of 2015 as a friend of SladeShadow.  However, he quickly proved himself useful as a handyman of all sorts.  From creating props, to catering filming events for the show, occasional pack mule, and yes, still coming on screen as an extra from time to time, Will has proven himself indispensable.

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