Comedian, writer, actor, and over creative being. Since a kid he always knew he was destined for stardom. Singing/rapping his favorite songs and putting on wrestling exhibitions in the neighborhood. He didn't realize his knack for writing skits until he and his friend Jared Jamieson came up with silly stupid time after a semi inebriated night on St. Patrick's day. In the next couple years he released a few video through the YouTube channel gaining some experience in front of the camera. After taking a hiatus for a while he was contacted by Northgate Pictures, LLC for their debut film Easter Sunday in which he was able to land a starring roll. This has afforded him some other great opportunities with companies like Fade In - Fade Out Productions, LLC doing green screen work and gaining even more experience. Now he is staying busy juggling multiple projects as well as his job working for a growing Audio visual company in the DMV area. 2016 was only the beginning of his return and true hunt for a place in the world of show business. He has much more in store with his family at Northgate Pictures, LLC and in solo projects. So stay tuned!

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Travis Morton